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European holiday experience: 3 unique programs for learning a language in Europe this winter

Dreaming of skiing in Switzerland? How about immersing yourself in Italian culture and learning to cook traditional Italian food? Ever wonder what it would be like to travel through England or explore Malta? What about if you could do any of these things and improve your linguistic skills at the very same time? At we aim to provide unforgettable experiences that will provide you with a lifetime of memories while simultaneously developing your skills for the future. We hand-pick only the best courses, get you special deals, and support you all the way from looking to booking. Interested in learning a language abroad? Below are three unique programs for learning a new language in Europe this winter.

1. Institut Monte Rosa Winter Course: English or French language - Territet, Switzerland

At Institut Monte Rosa, even the holidays involve the joy of learning: A special and very popular feature offered by the school is its summer and winter Swiss holidays, "an international lifestyle experience" where students can learn to live with girls and boys from other nations through sports, outdoor activities and language training (French or English). A great variety of programs allows students to obtain self-assurance and to understand and appreciate each other.

The winter courses enable boys and girls to learn a language or perfect their linguistic skills in an international atmosphere, with an accompanying program of skiing and other sports. At the same time, pupils have an opportunity to personalize their studies by attending a choice of regular school year classes.

Find out more about the school here!

Territet, Switzerland

2. Dante Alighieri Siena: Italian Language & Cooking - Siena, Italy

Some people say Italy is all about the food and the beautiful language. At DA Siena you will study the Italian language in the mornings and, twice a week, you will take hands-on evening cooking classes with their expert Chefs. Experience the beauty of this everlasting course: learn to cook meals that you will actually be able to make for your friends and family for years to come!

Find out more about the school here!

Siena, Italy

3. Cavendish School of English: Intensive 10 day English Winter Camp - Bournemouth, England or Valletta, Malta

This 10 day Winter camp in Bournemouth includes 24 lessons, 6 different excursions and plenty of time for sports and fun in the evenings. Explore the south of England, stay with a local family and improve your English each day!

Cavendish School has two permanent centers - the UK center and Malta center. The Malta center is one of the only three language schools that have permission to operate from historic Valletta (Malta). Cavendish School is accredited by the British Council and has been members of several other recognizable bodies such as English UK.

Find out more about the school here!

Valletta, Malta

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