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Reviews of our course providers

Bayswater College | English in Cyprus

“It was an amazing experience. Everyone was nice and friendly. Thank you for everything.”

“It was a great experience for me those days in Bayswater, I could learn more English and know people from a lot of countries. I really enjoyed it. Thank you, I hope I can come back here again!”

"I was very happy to study at your college because the teachers and students were so nice. The reception staff helped me a lot when I had a problem. I appreciate it very much. Thank you so much”

" I really enjoyed my experience at Bayswater, it was an opportunity not only to improve my English but also to meet lovely people! All the school's staff was friendly and helpful and my teacher Tom was simply super! He made every single lesson enjoyable for us. I will never forget this amazing multicultural experience!”

“I have a really good experience and My English has improved a lot since I’ve been there. I’m so grateful to all of you!”

“Thank you Bayswater College for the amazing experience!”

“I just want to thank you for the experience. That was my first time outside, traveling abroad. And it was amazing”

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Les Elfes International

“Good afternoon,

First of all I’d like to thank you all of you for the fantastic experience that all of you gave to Alessandro.He came back home enthusiastic and he looks forward to coming back next year, this will be a good reason to remind him to study from the beginning of the school year!

Thanks again for everything”

“Dear Les Elfes,

It is a great pleasure to hear from you, we have very good memories from the winters and summers Constantinos spent with Les elfes. He was Very young and it was really good for him.

I want you to know that he is 16+ now, this month is in China studying for his HSK4 DIPLOMA and he already speaks german and French also very well.

Next year he Will Go to Philips academy Andover high school, close to Boston, with full scholarship.

So, as you see, the years to Les elfes made him self confident and fulleof energy.

We Will try with his father to send him over, even for 15 days.”

“Dear Les Elfes,

Thanks for your thoughtful and insightful email.

The children were very happy about the experience. I had a 2 hour drive to Geneva with all the fantastic stories about their Elfes experience. Pretty uncommon in these times of self immersion in our own smartphone devices.

They loved everything, their teachers, the ski, their new international friends, the food, etc.

I also want to express my personal gratitude for your quick response to make the changes during the first week, and keeping the level up during the second one. With your level of curiosity to continue listening and learning, there is no limit where Les Elfes can grow.”

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Prague Film School

“We've been sending our Swedish students to Prague Film Schools for years now and we always had happy and great students for their programmes. Their programmes are intensive, hands-on and in a great location in Prague. The staff are great and have great experience. We highly recommend PFS for our students and future students.” Sincerely Quang

“The summer program here is intensive. But I know more about film now than I ever have. It's really good if you're trying to get your basis of filmmaking right and it goes up to a moderately intermediate level. Not only do you make your own short film you get to work on other projects and it gives you a great practical experience. People of all ages and from different parts of the world. I highly recommend PFS”

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Alpine French School

“I had a very good experience at AFS, both because of fantastic venue and the skilled, flexible and adaptive team teaching. My dog Molly joined for the lessons, and I’m sure she enjoyed the extra attention too. I only regret not having had a longer stay. One week is not enough!”

“I found Alpine French School very much professional and acquainted.”

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International House

“I had a great experience at IH Cape Town and would definitetly recommend this school! They have great teachers, very helpful and friendly staff (especially at the reception) and the atmosphere at the school is very welcoming!

You can experience a lot in Cape Town, you can go on hikes to Table Mountain, visit museums or just have a delicious cake at Charlies Bakery 😍”

“The school is very good. The place is great. Especially the location. It is mainly to the teachers that I had contact with. Especially the ones I had in class. I really learned this 1 month and it has been a good experience!”

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Cavendish School of English

“This is my 4th week at Cavendish School and I love it! The staff is very friendly and they all make a huge effort for making our stay here as great as possible. I met nice people from all over the world and had interesting conversations with them while constantly improving my English speaking skills. I feel super comfortable with my host family and I am so much looking forward to the remaining time of my stay!”

“I really love Cavendish School. I've been staying here for 4 weeks now and I can only recommend it. The staff is constantly making effort to enable everyone a perfect stay. Also, it is so wonderful to meet so many people of different age and nationality. Thumbs up!”

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Prague Shakespeare Company

“The artistic execution cannot not be outdone by any other theatre. PSC's vivid, daring, bold, accessible productions of timeless classics deserve your consideration whether you are a local or a tourist visiting for the week. Plus, who doesn't want to enjoy a show in the attic of a palace!”

“Top-rate English-language theatre in Prague. Great for those of us who live here, great for people who'd like to do something a little different while on holiday.Come see whatever is playing - you will not be disappointed. And yes, I may seem partial because my wife and I work with them. But we work with them BECAUSE they are among the best in Prague. We were fans first, collaborators second.”

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Carfax Education

“We engaged Carfax Tutors for two of our daughters. Initially we were only going to use a tutor to prepare them for the GCSE exams. The first tutor who taught maths was so good and established such a good rapport with our daughters that it became apparent pretty soon that we will keep them for the next year as well. This year we had some more tutors from Carfax for English and sciences and all of them were top notch - graduates of Oxford and Cambridge, experts in their subjects, but most importantly they made studying so much more enjoyable for our daughters. One of them is definitely applying to Oxford next year and the other wants to go to an Art school in England, both as a result of inspiration the tutors provided.”

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AETC (Aufuq Al Ebdaa Training)

“The most beautiful times and the best teachers. I love you, we learned new things, I loved the magic of interactions, the robot program and the inquiry program.”

“Respectful Center and distinguished staff with experience. I wish the best of luck to all those who are creative and wonderful.”

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Warriors Academy

“Warriors is unlike anything out there. The things that I learnt whilst I was at Warriors have changed my perception of life. It has made me look at things in a completely different way. This is all done because of the brilliant team that runs Warriors. Having said this, it's not all fun and games. To get to the point where one can grow and mature is not easy. As a result, your time at Warriors will be filled with moments that make you just want to sit down and give up. To throw in the towel. It will seem that there is no way forward. There is.I have made friends on Warriors that will last for eternity. For me, this is because you get to know each other on such an intimate level. You see each other cry, laugh and everything else. If this still doesn't tempt you to find out more please feel free to contact me. ( have not been asked to write this however, I think it is the least I can do to give back to an establishment that has literally changed my whole being.”

“What an amazing program. You become a family and you grow so much as an individual! I cant imagine My life without this program ever Being part of iT. Thank you , thank you thank you!!!' And i advice Every single young person out there to invest in this program! You wont regret iT!”

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“My time at Inhispania has been fantastic. I should have done it much earlier. The teachers are outstanding. They combine outstanding professionalism and a very friendly and open attitude. I cannot highlight enough how much their ever changing methods and approaches help to create a fun and motivating learning environment. Two weeks of group classes and individual classes have definitely helped me to improve my Spanish and to feel much more secure when speaking. Also, I met great people from all over the world along the way. Muchisimas gracias to my teachers Celia, Gloria and Carmen and the whole team at Inhispania for the great time. I’ll definitely come back!”

“I would recommend this school to everyone interested in learning Spanish in Madrid. I had a wonderful experience with Oscar, that is a teacher in Inhispania.

This school also organise extra activities, that from my point of view have been important to a faster learning. The classes were intensive and well programmed! The leaning environment was great and productive. Oscar & other teachers were amazing in organising classes , i still impressed. Wish all the best”

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Institut Monte Rosa

“Amazing school! Environment, school teachers, academic year program and winter/summer programs give students the best start in their lifes as future leaders. A lifestyle and unique mindset!”

“Had the best time of my life!”

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Da Siena

“Recently I attended the Siena Magnificent course at Dante Alighieri school in Siena. It was indeed magnificent. The teachers were awesome. The lessons tailored to my needs and level. Cooking classes were fun and the cultural lessons were extremely interesting and insightful. The school was extremely flexible and arranged an extra outing without an issue.

The apartment the school arranged was absolutely luxurious.

I have no doubt that I will return for more classes in future and I would recommend D.A. Siena to any student, young or old, to attend.

Greetings from Australia to all the kind wonderful staff.”

“The Dante School really tailored their teaching to me because they tested me first thing. My language skills were evaluated personally by a teacher who then went on to teach me. It was nice because I felt like the school met me where I was at and helped me progress from there. Most of the teachers did not only speak Italian, but English and/or Spanish too so they knew the differences between these languages and attuned their teaching accordingly. If I made a mistake, they understood my native language enough to know why I was making that mistake and helped me correct it. This way, too, all the classes were filled with people at my level. So I enjoyed speaking Italian with others who were progressing along with me. In my class there were two Americans, two Swiss women, and a Russian. The classes were very diverse. I do not know of any other Italian class where one could find that sort of diversity.”

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