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Winter London-Land: Why London is the place to study this Winter

Throw on your cozy winter coat, slip on your mittens, and tuck in your favourite wool scarf, it's time sip on a cup of warm tea with a splash of milk sweetened to your delight. There is nothing like experiencing the wintertime in England’s bustling capital. London is one of the most visited cities in the world, and with a reason. Home to endless iconic buildings, thousands of gardens, and a number of international street markets, London welcomes all types of people. Surprisingly, London is actually pretty warm in December (10c) and course prices are approximately 20% cheaper than a couple of years ago. Whether you are looking to improve your English, expand historical knowledge or simply engage in a new cultural experience, London has something special for all of us.

Why learn English in London?

London hosts more than 100,000 students from all corners of the world making it the top choice globally for study programs. The demand for English is more important than ever before. English is the primary language used throughout the world for cross-cultural communication. There are over 983 million people that speak English, about 13% of the world’s population. What better way to learn a language than to immerse yourself fully in an English speaking environment?

What other programs of study can I find?

London is home to every type of study program imaginable. Do you like history and art? London has a program for you. Fashion design? London has a program for you. How about improving your English language skills? London has a program for you.

No matter what type of program you are searching for (language, art, history, technology, etc…) London is home to some of the best study programs in the world.

What will make this experience special?

London is a unique city in which history, culture, art, and architecture melt together. When selecting a program of study it is always important to consider the environment as a whole. Not only does London offer some of the most prestigious educational programs, but it also provides visitors with an endless amount of opportunities to expand every aspect of their educational process.

How do I find a course in London?

Finding the right course for you can always seem like a challenge. Luckily, it is now possible to find all the resources and support you need to select a study program in one place. Instead of spending countless hours scanning through google only to encounter unprofessional schools or poor customer service, you can now utilize Holiday Course Guide in order to customize your search and filter through programs that are best suited for you.

Looking for a course this winter? Find a course here!

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Holiday Course guide’s top pick:

Bayswater College


We established Bayswater Education because we know that education and travel are life’s greatest adventures. Our mission to inspire and educate begins in our beautiful, modern classrooms and extends to communities and cultures across the globe.

We provide a platform to effective learning through travel, accommodation, classes and activity programs and we offer structured guidance throughout your journey. We also want to extend our mission beyond our borders, so when you enroll with us we offer the same education to a disadvantaged person.

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